Mannequins and busts for museums

Mannequins for museums demonstrate historical clothes, shoes, hats.

The use of hinges will help to make the mannequin "mobile" and give the desired pose in the exposition.

Our capabilities allow you to select and create models of mannequins according to the desired sizes and parameters. It is also possible to make a head with the face of a historical character.

Sometimes you could choose standard models of our mannequins to demonstrate men's or women's clothing in the museum:

  • natural mannequins with drawing of facial features
  • sculptural mannequins in white color
  • abstract mannequins in any color
  • sports mannequins for use in sports museums
  • headless mannequins

All this will allow you to get a unique mannequin that is 100% suitable for your needs.

Для музеевДля музеев2
Для музеев манекены22

Customized sizes

Для музеев манекены32

Custimized makeup

Для музеев манекены42

Selection of wigs

Для музеев манекены52

Any quantity

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Для музеев манекены4
Для музеев манекены5

We are proffesionals working with details. Before you get the finished product, you have the opportunity to change and approve necessary details.

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3D model

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Bust of Hero of the Soviet Union Grishin Ivan

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